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Hotels in Rome near Termini Station

Booking a hotel near Termini Station in Rome makes sense if you come to the capital of Italy for a couple of days or are very limited on a budget.

Three reasons to live in Rome next to Termini:

  1. You like to use the metro and someone convinced you that using it is convenient to get to all the sights - this is not true, read the article WHERE THE CENTER OF ROME.
  2. You have a limited budget and you cannot afford to live near Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon or near the Vatican.
  3. You arrive in Rome for only 1-3 days and plan to travel by train to other cities in Italy.

It is also worth recognizing that the cheapest way to get from Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino airport is by bus, which, you guessed it, goes right to Termini.

In other cases, I recommend you start with the articles:

  • How to inexpensively rent an apartment in Rome with attractions;
  • The Trastevere district is the heart of Rome here;
  • What excursions to visit in Rome - will help you navigate where the city center is and where you need to get in the first place;
  • Where to eat cheap and tasty in Rome is definitely not at Termini Station.

Nevertheless, near Termini there are both cheap and good, decent hotels. In this article, we will consider all worthy options not from the position of a manager in an agency who has never been in this area, but from the position of a local resident.

So, imagine, after six years of living in Rome, circumstances made me look for a hotel near the Termini station:

Radisson Blu 5 stars for 148 euros

I already wrote about the Radisson Blu hotel in the review of the best 5 star hotels in Rome - this is the cheapest hotel of this level, but nevertheless my friends have stayed in it several times and I can safely recommend it to you. Modern, clean rooms and a rooftop swimming pool are certainly huge advantages of this option.

Hotel Cortorillo for 35 euros

I cite only this option as an example of the cheapest hotel. In the range of 35-60 euros there are a lot of similar offers, but the rating on the reviews of tourists at the booking will be below 8. If this hotel is already occupied, just look at something nearby and sort by price. If you book for 3-4 months, you can also catch a discount, for example 25 euros instead of 35 euros - the dream of a low-cost airline.

From this link I have filtered out hotels near Termini with a rating of 8 or higher.

Prices here for more or less decent options will start from 60-70 euros per day. We will dig into them:

Houspitality Nero Bed & Breakfast for 60 euros

Houspitality Nero Bed & Breakfast is a clean and comfortable option with breakfast for only 60 euros. For breakfast, they even promise freshly brewed coffee or cappuccino, sweet pastries, cold cuts and cheese - well, just heaven. This hotel is my choice if the budget is limited to about 60 euros / day

Boscolo exedra roma

Boscolo Exedra Roma - you can not ignore this luxurious hotel, because, perhaps, some of the readers of our site are lucky (afford) to stay here. It features a panoramic rooftop terrace with a swimming pool. All rooms have a marble and mahogany bathroom with Etro toiletries. In general, this should be sought. Regarding other 5-star hotels, this one is not the most expensive, only 300 euros / day.

Grand Hotel Palatino - a good compromise for 120 euros

Grand Hotel Palatino - literally a kilometer and one metro station from Termini - is already much smaller than Bangladeshis and the homeless, 5 minutes on foot to the Coliseum. Many of my friends and clients also stayed at this 4-star hotel, I can recommend - 120 Euro / day with a full breakfast and good service, for the price / quality ratio one of the most worthy options in Rome among hotels of this level.

It will be useful to everyone if you share your experience of booking a hotel at the Termini Station in Rome in the comments. I will be glad to answer your questions.

Watch the video: Stop by Step near Termini Station - AirBNB - Rome Italy (April 2020).


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