Holidays in Italy

Favorite places in Italy where you want to return

What are your favorite places in Italy?

Together with you, let's create a directory of places and ideas for traveling in Italy. Write in detail in the comments about your favorite places in the land of sun and wine. What impression did they make on you? Why are they worth a visit?

I'll start with myself. My list of places where I want to return looks like this:

  1. Rome
  2. Ischia Island
  3. Umbria and the city of Assisi
  4. Abruzzo
  5. Trapani, island of Sicily
  6. Venice
  7. Genoa


I believe that Rome is a city in which you can live ten lives and not have time to know it to the end. It all depends on the degree of immersion. And since we don’t have ten lives, we have to try to see everything in this one.

You will not find such a number of attractions, the volume of history and cultural heritage in any city in the world. I lived in Rome for 7 years and the list of planned interesting places to visit is only expanding. In the Eternal City, in practice, there is a saying that the more you learn, the more you understand how much you don't know. In truth, Socrates was right!

As an example: in most popular tourist cities of the world (Barcelona, ​​Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Prague) they usually offer 3-4 types of excursions - a sightseeing, some kind of museum, something “non-touristic” and “gastronomic tour”. So in Rome, a team of guides Italy for me can offer you more than 50 different copyright excursions. Just think about how enormous this city is for study and contemplation.

Even when I leave Rome for a week, I immediately begin to get bored. Tourists can definitely return to Rome endlessly.


My friends and I go to Ischia Island (Ischia) twice a year, usually in April and October. It is there, on Mount San Montano, that our favorite hotel with thermal springs is located, watch the video:

We usually spend 3-4 days at the hotel, recharge the batteries. If paradise exists, then it is exactly very similar to San Montano.

  • I advise you to read about: thermal springs in Ischia

Here is a video (from 20 seconds to 6 minutes) how to get to Ischia from Rome:


In Umbria I have some favorite places. In summer, we often stop near the town of Assisi at the Villa Relais Parco Subasio precisely because of its proximity to the city, privacy in the mountains, pool, as well as the restaurant Da Giovannino.

Umbria is a unique, very green and beautiful region, inferior to Toscana (Toscana) only in the number of tourists, which are surprisingly few.

In July 2018, we discovered another fabulous place Agriturismo Casale Dei Frontini, watch the video:


Abruzzo is the most underestimated region of Italy by tourists, and I just get high when I get the opportunity to return there. In Abruzzo we ride to eat Arrosticini, an Italian version of lamb shish kebab:

We stopped several times by the sea near Pescara. We rented this house for a company of 5 people for 100 euros per day.

See how fun Italians dance on the beach in Silvi:

Also last summer spent three days with their phones off at FILIPPONE HOTEL & RISTORANTE.

They ate delicious food in the restaurant at the hotel, talked, read books, walked around the area and listened to birdsong.

I am happy to go to Abruzzo anywhere and at any time, since the journey from Rome takes only 2 hours.

Trapani, Sicily

It was with Trapani that I began to get acquainted with Sicily and with the culture of Italy in general. In 2013, having got here for the first time, I met Mario and Antonella, who became friends of our family. I have been in Trapani at least ten times, transporting here all my relatives.

Trapani is the western part of Sicily, almost unknown to tourists and not spoiled by them. Yes, there is no infrastructure and service, but it is precisely such “wild Sicily” that we fly to.

We stay in an apartment or villa.

The minimum plan is five days:

  1. Favignana Island, bike ride
  2. City in the clouds Erice
  3. Walking around Trapani and eating pizza, admiring the sunset on the pier
  4. Zingaro National Park, here is a video
  5. San Vito Lo Capo Beach

It so happens that at least one newcomer to Sicily is always present in our company, so you have to repeat the ideal plan and introduce it to local attractions.

And, of course, endless visits to Bar Tiffany for coffee and delicious Sicilian desserts. Dinner trips to local restaurants.

And contemplation of the sunsets:


Although Venice (Venezia) is the most expensive and touristy city in Italy, we are still happy to return there. This city has uniqueness and magic that fall in love the first time.

It has already become a good tradition to meet the dawn in San Marco Square - we usually walk around empty Venice early in the morning and, of course, see it empty, magical and just like that.

For inspiration: read this post on instagram and browse through the hashtag # venice for me


I did not think that I would ever mention Genoa, but it pleasantly surprised me:

  1. Food, and it is better to call it a feast, which we had at dinner at the restaurant Hostaria I Maneggi;
  2. The incredibly beautiful Basilica della Santissima Annunziata, is not inferior in beauty to the Roman churches;
  3. Attractions, scale and comfort of the city.

For inspiration, you can see on my Instagram a selection of stories about Genoa. I categorically recommend taking a guide Irina there, at least for a sightseeing tour, because I know that the city repels many.

Waiting in the comments for your tips and lists of favorite places in Italy. Let us inspire each other to travel and explore this beautiful country!

Watch the video: TOP 10 Things to do in ROME (April 2020).


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