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Rent a car in Italy or buy-back leasing: what to choose?

Traveling in Italy is worth it to rent a car. How else to do it all at once: to see all the most famous sights, learn about the less known, but no less significant, bask on the beach, go skiing and stock up on outlets with outfits for the whole family? But along with traditional rental methods, there is one that so far only selected tourists use. The point here is not their involvement in any particular circle, but the lack of awareness and conservatism of our compatriots. We are talking about short-term buy-back leasing.

Buy-back leasing in Italy - an alternative to renting a car?

In principle, many people know that you can rent a car. True, it is believed that this form of lending is available only to legal entities. This is not so: ordinary citizens can also lease a car with the subsequent purchase or return of it to the car dealer or the manufacturer.

Buy-back leasing - this is precisely the purchase of a car on credit with a return to its seller in 2-3 years. The balance of the loan is repaid after the sale of a used car to customers who are already waiting for it. In the end, everyone is happy.

Buy-back leasing is one of the forms of car rental, and quite profitable

Today, car rental in Italy is interesting not only for tourists, but also for Italians themselves. A buy-back leasing is also considered as one of the forms of rent, and quite profitable. Of course, Italy has been practicing leasing for more than a dozen years, and the market for used cars has long been debugged, and the situation with roads is better. And the Italians were lucky with the climate.

But credit is always credit. And buy-back leasing for the long term and for long trips will be beneficial only if the car is registered as an instrument necessary for work. Or - this is not a paradox, but a real state of affairs - for a short trip around the country.

Immediately make a reservation, a short-term car rental in Italy under the buy-back leasing program is a lease not for a day, and not for two, but for at least two weeks or more. Ideally - for a period of 1-2 months.

In this case, you get a completely new car. Do not pay attention to the fact that it has special numbers designed for cars that are rented. Thanks to full insurance, you can, with some caution, even drive along the "killed" roads of southern Italy, the serpentines of the North and medieval cobblestones of provincial towns, which are often forbidden by distributors. Ferry service is also allowed.

Insurance with buy-back leasing allows you to drive on the "killed" roads

Buy-back leasing has other advantages:

  • car rental in Italy becomes possible for people under the age of 21 and over 70
  • the tenant immediately makes a fixed amount of payment, without freezing money on the account
  • You can apply for a buy-back leasing online or at any major Italian airport upon arrival (it may be more expensive)
  • at the wheel of a car taken on a buy-back lease, there may be both the employer himself and another person who has rights (his full name is indicated in the insurance)
  • 24/7 technical support
  • daily mileage is not limited
  • a full insurance package is already included in the price

However, such a rental has disadvantages:

In the event of an incident on the road, you will have to wait for a specialist from the lessor

  • its design will necessarily require international rights
  • if on your road, for example, a wheel suddenly goes down, you cannot replace it yourself or contact the nearest service. You will have to wait for specialists from the lessor. Otherwise, such a car rental in Italy will cost you a very tidy sum. The same consequences will await you and if you refuel the car with the wrong brand of fuel
  • Buy-back leasing is a very expensive pleasure for a short vacation (up to 1 month) and, as a rule, loses a standard lease.

buy-back leasing is possible already when renting a car for two weeks or more

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​short-term buy-back leasing to tourists belongs to French automakers - Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. Therefore, do not be surprised if, in search of profitable offers, you will often stumble upon precisely French companies.

Regular rental

If you go to Italy for a period of less than 2 weeks, buy-back leasing is not the most successful enterprise. He is not justified if the car will be needed only from time to time. In this case, it is better to act the old fashioned way by contacting a car rental company or, which is often more profitable, the Rentalcars Internet service, which is popular among Europeans and Italians themselves.

The main advantage of the latter is access to the bases of car rental companies and a convenient comparison system: Rentalcars works in real time, and in a matter of seconds finds among hundreds of offers the most profitable rental option. Here, without delaying the matter, you can immediately book a car.

Renting a car when traveling in Italy will be more profitable and if you need a car not of economy, but business class: with buy-back leasing, in this case, differentiated rather than annuity (equal) payments are often made, and the insurance will be "gold", even for preferential terms.

You can also save on renting such a car through Rentalcars, especially since the demand for high-class cars is always slightly lower than for small cars and economical models. In addition, when renting, sometimes full insurance may not be necessary, especially if the route does not include traveling to "forbidden" places and trips at rush hour.

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Photos by: Gianfranco Reppucci, Teymur Madjderey, Sara Bäckman, Tony Duckles, Khristian, Heidi.


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