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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin wrote: “All ages are submissive to love.” I remember this quote from my school years and have always agreed with the statement of the great poet. Over time, I also realized that love is submissive and all boundaries. I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, and love and marriage overtook me in Italy. Why Italy I fell in love with this country from the first minute I ended up here, and it so happened that it was in Italy that I met a man with whom I fell in love.

Why is it Italian? Men of this nationality have a natural sense of taste, as well as a sense of humor. They are gallant and masterful in the art of seduction. But do not think that these are all simulated emotions, on the contrary, Italians are very open and attentive to women. They know how to impress a girl by making her feel like a princess, and with such feelings only a wedding and play. There is one truth, though: considering that marriage is protected by the constitution, various laws and the church, the process of divorce lasts from 5 to 10 years, so Italians who decide to go to a wedding are not common.

Engagement traditions

Engagement has antique roots. For the first time in 1215, on the orders of Pope Innocenzo III, the promise of engagement was to be public, so modern couples following the traditions will organize a family dinner on the part of the bride. Mandatory presence of all parents and relatives! Presenting the ring, the young man, with witnesses, officially asks the girl to meet (proposta di fidanzamento), and if the girl puts the ring on the ring finger of her left hand, then the lovers become an official couple, which in the future implies a wedding. In the near future, the date of registration of marriage is set, and until this important event, the couple is officially engaged (ufficialmente fidanzati).

If the wedding does not take place, the bride must return the ring to the groom. Unfortunately, recently, this tradition is far from being respected by many; after the engagement, many people simply begin to live together in a so-called common-law marriage.

Preparation of documents for marriage in Italy

Now let's pay attention to the bureaucratic solution to this issue. With patience, I began to search on the Internet for tips on collecting the necessary pieces of paper. On each site I found differences in design and, finally getting confused, I turned to the commune of my city. Fortunately, everything turned out to be much simpler than I thought, and the design of our marriage did not require much effort. And now I would like to share my experience with you.

Collection of information on required documents

Since in Italy there may be differences in design depending on your nationality and the city (region) of Italy in which the wedding will take place, I will start with a tip: “Contact the commune of the city where your future spouse is registered”. At this point, you will probably be answered all the questions. This is exactly what I did, and they explained to me in detail the whole process of marriage, and also gave me a list of all the documents that I needed. It was required of me:

  • to be in Italy legally, that is, I had to have a valid visa at the time of the marriage;
  • valid passport;
  • certificate of Nulla Osta (Nulla Osta), confirming the absence of obstacles to the marriage.

Getting NULLA OSTA Help

A citizen of a non-EU country, this document is required for marriage. You can get it only at the consulate of your country in Italy.

I came to the consulate without an appointment, providing the necessary documents and paying the fee, they did everything for me within a few hours. But this is rather luck, because according to the rules you must first make an appointment.

In this list you will find the addresses of consulates or consular departments. I advise you to clarify all the information on the official sites.

Republic of Belarus
Via delle Alpi Apuane 16, 00141 Roma, Italia.
Tel .: (06) 8208141.
Fax: (06) 82002309.

Via Nomentana 116, 00161 Roma, Italia.
Tel .: (06) 44235625, (06) 44234149.
Fax: (06) 491031. Here you will also find information and contact details for consulates in other cities in Italy.

Via Monte Pramaggiore, 13 00141 Roma, Italia.
Tel .: (06) 820 03 641, (06) 827 12 85, (06) 829 32 36, (06) 868 948 50.
Fax: (06) 823706. Here you will also find information and contact details on consulates in other cities of Italy.

Via Cassia, 471, 00189 Roma, Italia.
Tel .: (06) 36 30 84 76.
Fax: (06) 36 29 26 12.

Specify documents for obtaining Nulla Osta help on the consulate website, as The list of documents may vary depending on your nationality and certain circumstances. From me it was required:

  • valid passport;
  • birth certificate (translated and with apostille);
  • identity card of the bride / groom (carta d'indentità);
  • consular fee 105 € (for Belarus).

The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of receipt.

Legalization of NULLA OSTA

Having a certificate and a stamp (marca da bollo) worth 14.62 €, go to the Prefecture by registration in order to verify the authenticity of the document. In my case, legalization took 10 minutes, but it may take several days.

Applying for a marriage

After the above, you can go to the commune at the place of registration of the groom / bride to apply for marriage. You should have the following documents with you:

  • valid passport of a foreign bride / groom (with a valid visa);
  • Nulla Osta Help
  • birth certificate (translated and with apostille).

On the part of the future Italian spouse, only an identity card (carta d'indentità).

When submitting documents, you need to choose the mode of ownership of the property (joint or separate), and having signed the necessary papers, you have to wait. According to Italian law, it is necessary that 8 days pass after the publication of your application and another 3 days, which are given to file a protest. Thus, after 11 days, you are given 180 days to register a marriage.


The date and place of marriage is set in your community. At your choice will be offered several places (commune or church) and dates (depending on free days), you just have to make a choice. On the appointed day, future spouses exchange vows and wedding rings (put on the ring finger of the left hand along with the engagement ring), sign a certificate (certificato di matrimonio) in the presence of the mayor / civil registry officer and two witnesses. This number of people is the minimum required, but as a rule, a lot of guests are present on the list, and they are all relatives.

After the ceremony, your certificate will be published on the Internet. Each of the spouses reserves their last name. This practice applies in connection with Italian law. The ladies left the only small pass; they can add the surname of the husband to their surname, thus obtaining a double surname.

Married life

You may have drawn a family life thriller in your head, but I want to immediately add color to your idea:

  • As a rule, the relatives of the future spouse are very friendly, and it does not matter what nationality you are, the main thing is that your son / daughter should be well with you;
  • be prepared for family dinners on Sundays - it is a tradition to gather all the next of kin to share news, and at such dinners everyone is very emotional and speak in elevated tones, but do not be alarmed - this is the norm of Italians;
  • the everyday side of family life for each is formed in its own way, but, as a rule, responsibilities are divided equally;
  • the last fact, I will probably upset many girls: most Italians cook beautifully, but only on weekends, because on weekdays they don’t have enough time for masterpieces because of work;
  • but in the latter there is a plus, as couples often have dinner in restaurants, thus preserving the romance of their relationship until old age.

If you are planning to play a wedding with an Italian citizen, you have the right to receive a residence permit in Italy for family reasons for 5 years as a gift, and after 2 years after marriage you can apply for Italian citizenship.

On my own behalf, I wish you a gorgeous wedding and love.

Watch the video: WHY DID I MARRY AN ITALIAN (April 2020).


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